Make Your Audience Care

Sadly, but, often you can see boring presentations that are dull and dry, that are too long, with the presenter exhibiting terrible speaking skills. And PowerPoint slides, if you can, dump those, you don’t really need them.

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In order to be a successful leader or entrepreneur, you need to be skilled at giving presentations like a pro and that means you need to talk with people, you need to make fun, you need to give them your soul, not just the numbers and words on “PowerPoint” slides.

You need to be prepared. How? First thing first, know your audience! It’s not the same if you have a roomful of CEO’s and if you have a group of front-line workers. Need to get your story straight.
Go for “all in” and start with a bang, not a whimper and mild “Hello, my name is John, let’s get started: If you do it like that, you’re done! Just pack up your things and go, because your audience is dead.

You need to be loud, you need to scream, we are in an era of high entertainment, if you sit people in a room to watch a presentation, you need to start with a bang.
Start with a great story or provocative question but stay on topic! Hold that line! People usually do remember the beginning and the end of everything.

Project management

Check out space where you’re going to be presenting, you need to know the limitations of the area so you can adapt to it. Again, don’t use the “PowerPoint” or if you must use it, change everything, be creative with it, use colors, use some other than the basic font, don’t use classic stuff, just be crazy. You really need this to work? Right?

That stuff is only a supplement that is used to illustrate key points of your story, so don’t depend on it. Don’t use it to read out of it, be smart.

Try to bring people in the conversation, no! You must do this! Don’t let them drift away. This way you are making it more interesting for the audience and much easier for you. If you don’t know how to do it try asking for help from a professional coach and make your presentational skills awesome.