More Interactive Presentation By Four Elements

Keep it simple

You will need to simplify your content because too much information is not so good. Most people won’t retain a massive amount of information from a single speech, so you need to edit your presentation and maybe change your style. It’s OK to make a framework for the concepts but just so you can go down with a couple of key areas. It’s always better to make the audience understand two or three key points of your story than to retain hardly any part of many concepts.

Action with reaction

Start with a bang! Ask them a question, don’t be afraid to be silent for a few minutes to give people time to think about it. Try to encourage them to speak while waiting for a response. You can make it more interesting and ask them to write down their response and save it for later.


Ask audience members to share more specific questions they would like you to address your presentation or in your presentation. Doing so, they will feel more invested in the presentation and will pay closer attention to see how you answer their questions. Also, you will have a better idea of the specific interests and needs of your audience. Arrange your presentation to be like some group activity, you now have time for it because you will use less content that it’s made out of the important stuff for them.


Simple movements with your hands can significantly stimulate any wandering mind. It is believed that moving through space during presentation makes the audience more relaxed and helps them engage better. Just standing makes greater chances leading to dull, stiff and boring moments. So, look for the balance of movement when entering your future presentation room.

Animation and video use

Using some short but high-quality videos will surely keep your audience engaged and brake some monotony in your presentation. Just keep in mind these videos include relevant and effective facts about your content. This also refers to animations added to your slides. They really have the power to send a clear message about your project while holding the attention of your audience. These two elements will really liven up your presentation and break any possible static moment.